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Senuke Review


As you may well know full manual SEO is very tedious,  also you must of begun to realize how much hard work is involved to even get close to ranking competitive keywords, even long-tailed terms.

So.. as all so called gurus suggest you begin trying to rank for less competitive terms, there’s the catch? Yes you maybe able to rank easy for such terms but you have to ask yourself the question “How beneficial is that search traffic going to be?”

My guess is the ROI of time and money will never be made up by this drizzle of  new visitors. So whats the answer? The truth is to be competitive online and really make an impact you must have the work ethic, tools and knowledge at your disposal to take the fight to the big boys and dominate your niche!

You already know this, how do I know that? Well you have ended up here and are reading my brand new “2013″ Senuke review. I have been using Senuke for several years now and therefore feel I am in a good position to give you my honest opinion whether the Senuke software is your cup of tea…. I know price and SEO effect are both important to balance. So lets crack on…..

Introduction To Senuke:

Since the huge upgrade to the software in September of 2012, it is now known as Senuke XCR and now it really has become a one stop shop of versatile SEO tools, this makes it easier for webmasters to achieve higher rankings “almost” hands free.

As a rule of thumb in the SEO world, if you build a consistent variety of  high quality backlinks to your website… higher rankings will follow. But most webmasters are dumbfounded, not only where to start, but also how others have the time and money to achieve this goal.

A big aspect of being an online success is spreading your content as far and wide as you can. You can use a simple analogy to visualize this, such as a “fisherman using a bigger nets to catch more fish” or (my favorite) “the larger your spiders web, inside the web.. the more flies you are likely to catch”.

Unlike a few years ago when “Bum Marketing” was in vogue, spinning articles and blasting article directories is not my suggested path forward. I am not saying avoid this tactic completely, but it has no where near as much impact needed to rank for those competitive terms we crave.

To really do well online today you have to be versatile with your content and spread it as far and wide as you can. Yes! …. it is getting harder and harder to rank difficult keywords and this is partly due to everyone using the same spun content with the same old techniques and partly down to “Big G” moving the goal posts.

This being said, the fact of the matter is the more content you have on different platforms (unique where possible) the better chance you have of success.

You maybe thinking you will have to hire a small army to create and distribute all of the fresh content need to really boost rankings.

Yet the cool thing is that are several desktop software choices out there that will automate most of the work, making this all a breeze and Senuke is certainly one of the best.


Is That All There Is To Senuke?

I am not going to lie lie to you! There is a lot more involved to ranking websites and SEO, than just content creation and link building. If this was not case then we would not need software like Senuke and any Tom, Dick and Harry could dominate the serp’s.

This said, it is a huge part of SEO and the time and stress it takes to do the work manually makes “automated software” a huge bonus. So I would like to say a massive thanks to Joe Russell and Areeb Bajwa (Senuke creators) for making their stress busting, time saving masterpiece.

Way back in 2008 when the software was first conceived they knew Senuke would become one of the must have tools for any serious webmasters to own. You may have read about complicated strange new terms like article spinning, RSS, Link wheels, Social media, Bookmarking, Web 2.0 and tons of others.

To explain them all would take an age, but I am doing my best to cover all this kind of information on “this” my revamped website. To find out about the basic aspects of Senuke you could quickly jump over to their website and check out the videos. They are filled with some great information about the inner workings, and idea behind the software.

Is Senuke Complicated Or Can A Novice Use It? …

Yes! At first Senuke maybe very daunting for a complete beginner but the developers have really pushed themselves to make the XCr version as user friendly, push button simple as possible…. With the introduction of the “Turbo Wizard” module, setting up campaigns is as easy as 1,2,3.

Newbies no longer have to fear complex setups as the program will literally give you step by step instructions on how to get started, making very easy for everyone and anyone to have Senuke poised and ready for whenever they need it.

This is what make Senuke XCr so special. Expert or novice webmaster alike can now submit content to a huge amount of diverse platforms, such as Web 2.0, Bookmark, Wiki, Press Release, Article directories, Forums, RSS feed sites and much much more at the push of a few buttons.

Also and one of my favorite aspects of the upgraded version of the software is the ability to submit content to your own (private) network of websites. This gives you total control of the quality of content and OBL on these sites. A massive bonus!

The only thing holding you back is your imagination. With thousands of platforms included and the possibility to add “unlimited” more, higher rankings are just around the corner.


Will You Get Slapped By Big “G” For Using Senuke?

As with any automated link building software and if use in correctly there is always that chance. However Senuke, not unlike others is a tool and if used in the correct manner being penalized should never be a problem.

The fact is building backlinks of any kind is considered closer to “blackhat” than “whitehat”, even if doing this manually and not with software. Most webmasters online tread a fine line between the two, known as greyhat.

I would strongly suggest not using Senuke as a mass spamming tool and think carefully about how to craft campaigns with unique content and delayed posting (known as drip feeding) could be of huge benefit.

In future posts I will be cover the exact tactics, methods and even templates I use to get the most ranking SEO juice from the program. The best thing with Senuke is you get to have a play around for 14 days at zero cost. You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You can grab the free 14 day trial or click the banner below for more information. Best of luck with the software and thanks for visiting. If you have any questions you can always hit me up in the comments below.

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